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We’d LOVE it if you’d be kind enough to Buy Me a Coffee* so we can continue our valuable work, and help make a positive difference to people who feel unwell because of clutter-related issues, or struggle to start a conversation with a medical professional or other trusted person so they can access appropriate treatment and/or practical help, support and advice.

To buy us a coffee (ie. donate), or several coffees (with monthly membership) please click on this link:

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PS: White, de-caff, no sugar please! 😉

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*Buy Me a Coffee makes supporting fun and easy. You don’t need to open an account with them, and in just a couple of taps, you can make the payment (buy us a coffee) and leave us a message.


To help raise awareness of the Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form, we’ve created some rather snazzy products featuring our clutter-wise owl – clever Trevor!

To access our online store at Zazzle*, please click HERE.

And don’t worry, we’ve made sure the items are as practical as possible, and/or take up as little space as possible, so they don’t create extra clutter!

Profits from the sale of this merchandise (designed by Cherry Rudge – creator of the Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form) will be equally split between:

  • supporting people in need of practical advice, help and support who are unwaged or low waged and wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to pay for the services of Professional Organisers or Professional Hoarding Practitioners
  • the Fastminds Adult ADHD Support Group in Kingston-upon-Thames (London), of which Cherry is a Trustee

*All products are currently manufactured and delivered directly by Zazzle, which also manages all purchases, returns/refunds and complaints. If you do have any problems with the products or the service you receive from them, please let us know, as we may need to find an alternative supplier.

Should you wish to order products in different languages, or printed copies of the Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form, or would like to adapt the form for special use by your organisation, please get in touch by email us:

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