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We weren’t born knowing how to wash up – we had to learn how to do it!


We don’t know what we don’t know!

It’s very easy to do more harm than good when attempting to work 1:1 with people with complex issues related to clutter, disorganisation, hoarding or compulsive shopping/acquiring.

So, if you would like to understand more about this debilitating condition, or work with or are considering working with people who exhibit hoarding behaviours, or struggle with clutter, disorganisation or compulsive shopping/acquiring, then we highly recommend:

  • signing up for Hoarding Awareness training from leading experts in the field who have many years experience of working 1:1 with people affected by hoarding behaviours, or
  • Contacting us for details of our bespoke training, talks and consultancy services (such as being a partner of Multi-Agency Hoarding panels, and Expert Witness Court Reports)

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