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The Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form gets around! Please get in touch if you’d like us to deliver training or speak at your event


Click on the logo to listen to an interview with the Ice-Breaker Form’s creator Cherry Rudge, on Talk Radio Europe (2nd September 2019)
Talk Radio Europe – Breakfast show interview with Cherry Rudge (referred to as Cherry Lodge) – 2nd September 2019


Big thank you to someone at a well-known UK national charity for giving the Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form a glowing review.

“I absolutely love the form you have created. I think it is an excellent tool which will help people to identify themselves as having issues with hoarding / acquiring. We do receive requests for help where people do hoard items, typically, it may start off as holding on to sentimental items, but over time builds up and up to completely overwhelm them. By the time they have spoken with us, they could have been living like that for a long time and become isolated too, as they never let anyone enter their home and obviously, this has a detrimental effect on their mental health.

It can be very difficult for someone to identify themselves as a hoarder, I find that they often feel anxious and ashamed of themselves. They always lack the confidence to seek support. Your form provides people with an opportunity to create the narrative to seek help. You have been very sensitive in creating the tick boxes and reference images too. I really do think the form is very well thought out, and will be very useful indeed”.

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