Understanding Hoarding – by Jo Cooke (of Hoarding Disorders UK) – published by Sheldon Press. It’s the first of its kind in the UK (most books about hoarding are written by American authors), and is packed with practical advice to help those with hoarding difficulties, those that live with them, friends and professionals who wish to understand this debilitating condition.

GP Leaflet & Poster

Click here to view a leaflet which will help GP’s understand more about hoarding behaviours, and ask them to display this poster in their surgery, along with copies of the Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form.

British Psychological Society

A Psychological Perspective on Hoarding by Sophie Holmes was published by the British Psychological Society in 2015 – it is free to download.

Hoarding Support Groups

The charity HoardingUK has a list of support groups around the UK on it’s website. They’re open to people living with hoarding or clutter-related issues, and their families and supporters. Choose from meeting other people in person, or online or over the phone.

This video – Keith’s Story – explains about hoarding and how taking the first step of attending a Hoarding Support Group can really help a person’s recovery.

HoardingUK charity

The charity HoardingUK offers support with issues that can affect people with hoarding issues, such as:

  • Advocacy
  • Benefits Helpline UK – 07444 053 520
  • Eviction Threat
  • eBaying unwanted items

They also organise hoarding conferences which aim to educate people about the realities of hoarding, and squash the myths and stigmas associated with this very emotive subject.


If you would like to understand this debilitating condition, or work with or are considering working with people who have challenges relating to hoarding or extreme clutter, we recommend attending training offered by highly skilled and experienced hoarding specialists who regularly work 1:1 with people in their homes.

See our Training & Consultancy page for more information.

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