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English – V9 – May 2022

Once you’ve downloaded a copy of The Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form, simply print it out, fill it in and use it to start a conversation with your GP or other medical professional to start the ball rolling to help you feel better.

They should ask you all sorts of questions to enable them to start working out what might be causing your symptoms, and discuss some options that will hopefully help make you feel better. There could be a number of different things causing you to feel unwell, so it’s best not to assume there’s just one cause, or just one treatment.

Don’t be surprised if they suggest involving other people to support you or your family with practical assistance to reduce the clutter, disorganisation or hoarding affecting your life. The result should be a positive effect on your health, which should ultimately reduce the risk of ongoing health problems in the future.

Why could it save your life?

Having too much stuff in your home can create all sorts of problems – not just for you but your family, neighbours, agencies who need to visit you (eg. carers) and members of the emergency services.

Any Fire Fighter or Paramedic will tell you that minutes spent having to find people amongst the clutter in their homes, or climbing over obstacles or moving things out of the way to get in or out of a property can be the difference between life and death in an emergency.

This video shows just how quickly a fire can spread in a hoarded home.

Clutter fire - video pic

In breach of your Tenancy Agreement?

If you’ve been threatened with eviction, completing the form and starting a conversation with a medical professional will demonstrate to your Landlord (and a Judge) that you’re actively attempting to resolve breaches in your tenancy agreement.

Attending a Hoarding Support Group is even better.  For details of Hoarding Support Groups, check out the Resources page of our website.

If your landlord threatens to take you to court or your children are at risk of being taken away, you may find it helpful to visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau to ask about getting an Advocate or solicitor to help you.  Take a completed copy of the Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form with you to explain your predicament.


For information about the types of health issues associated with clutter, hoarding and disorganisation, check out our Clutter & Health page. 


2 thoughts on “Download

  1. Is there a Word Doc format version? My printer is kaput and I need a copy to give to my GP.


    1. A Word version of the Hoarding Ice-breaker Form would need to be printed off in the same way the PDF version would before it can be completed.

      If your printer still isn’t working, we recommend you send your doctor the link to the Hoarding Ice-Breaker Form’s website, so they can download it from there and talk you through it when you visit them.


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